Holy Spirit

The discussion was entitled, ‘The Holy Spirit’ but someone commented afterwards that we seemed to spend more time talking about prayer.

What a wonderful, insightful observation. For whether we experience God as transcendent creator, more intimately as Abba, Father or as Jesus our friend, is it not in fact the work of The Holy Spirit within us that makes any of these experiences possible?

And this awareness of God is the very essence of prayer.


Incarnation. The inaccessible made touchable.
Great God of heaven, a tiny baby.
Vulnerable. needing human care.
Lord, you entrusted yourself to us, the human race, with all our capacity to inflict hurt. So great is your love for us. Help us to love and to trust; to put aside our fear of hurt, for love has overcome.


Lord, we like our friendships to be bright and shiny new
Not marred by hurt
Patched up with cracks we know are there
Even when the mend holds strong
But your love talks of reconciliation
Acceptance of how things really are
Not daydreams of a false perfection
A love that trusts again and again
After numerous betrayals.
Lord, teach us your love.