Therefore I am.

Cogito ergo sum– I think therefore I am – these words of René Descartes are familiar to us in the west but do we have any idea of the extent to which they colour our subconcious thinking and affect our whole culture?

Other cultures have a different defining proverb: We are therefore I am or You are, therefore I am.

When we present ourselves before God in prayer, what then defines our existence? The fact that we are God’s creation, are part of the Body of Christ, or that we think? There is something very individualistic about cogito ergo sum which runs counter to the teaching of Jesus.

And the culture of our consumer society, jokingly but rather aptly, expressed as Tesco ergo sum – I shop therefore I am – is arguably even more at odds with our Christian faith.

So what should the motto of the praying person of faith be? I’m no Latin scholar but I guess that Credo ergo sum would translate I believe therefore I am. But it still does not embrace the communal or holistic element. And to reflect the way that Jesus talked about all being one as he and the Father are one then it does need to express something of this.

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Beginnings and Endings

Abba, God, my Father, I gaze around as I walk and see the trees you made are wearing their late Summer green. A different green from Spring. You made so many greens.

This green reminds me that times are changing. Fruit is ripening. Nature preparing for the long night as Summer draws to a close.

Yet all around me people are preparing for a new start. A new term, a new class, school or college.

Beginnings and endings intrinsically interwoven; the very fabric of life.

Lord, the Beginning of all beginnings and End of all ends. You encompass all of life. Grant us now that awareness of your presence that inspires confidence to meet whatever the changing season brings our way.