Waiting for God

Lord, I will sit on the sand
I will sit in the sunshine of Thy presence
And I will wait
I will wait and I will listen
Listen to the sound of the waves
The sound of Thy power in the world
I will sit
I will listen
I will wait
I look around
The sky is blue, the clouds are white
Thy presence shines warm on my heart
I will wait in Thy warmth
And my heart will open
I will sit
I will listen
I will wait
Lord, come sit with me
Come pray with me
Come be with me


Incarnation. The inaccessible made touchable.
Great God of heaven, a tiny baby.
Vulnerable. needing human care.
Lord, you entrusted yourself to us, the human race, with all our capacity to inflict hurt. So great is your love for us. Help us to love and to trust; to put aside our fear of hurt, for love has overcome.


wheat DSCN4416

I don’t see fields of ripened corn
in my daily life
Reapers belong to yesteryear
And combine harvesters do not cross
my street
Yet I still see signs of harvest
Boxes of apples on garden walls
Neighbours sharing their bounty
with passers by
Lord of the harvest, accept whatever we have to offer as tokens of gratitude for all the good gifts you heap on us.