I read somewhere
That the prime purpose of humans
Is to worship God.
Why, God, I pondered
Should you need me to worship you?
You who are All and Everything?
I don’t, he replied
As I’d barely finished the question
It’s you who needs it
To be fully human.



Incarnation. The inaccessible made touchable.
Great God of heaven, a tiny baby.
Vulnerable. needing human care.
Lord, you entrusted yourself to us, the human race, with all our capacity to inflict hurt. So great is your love for us. Help us to love and to trust; to put aside our fear of hurt, for love has overcome.


Looking around
I see a world
of many, many things
Stones and cans and walls and junk
Trees and plants and flowers
Birds that fly
And fish that swim
And things that walk the earth
Then I think
But what am I?
This thing we call
A human?
red maple leaf DSCN4449
Lord, I’m made of the same stuff as all these things
Yet fashioned in your image.
A juxtapostion too hard to comprehend.
Help me to live worthily
Of all I’m called
To be.