God’s chosen ones

As God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved…

Recently in prayer group we have been focusing on a few verses from chapter three of St Paul’s letter to the Colossians. So, for instance, one week we spent about thirty minutes silently meditating on what it means to be God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved. This not a mental exercise in thinking up answers. It’s more like basking in God’s presence in much the same way as basking in the sun; instead of the sound of the waves, birdsong, a beautiful view to accompany the stillness, we have God’s word. We started off by reading verses 12 to 17. It’s all about how to live together in love; living out God’s love in the community, the church in its true sense as the body of Christ. But there is so much packed into relatively few words that it is difficult to take in; a general sense of love and togetherness, harmony and what we all need to do in order to live this way. So we decided to take just a few words or short phrase each week as the focus of our meditation. And, because of the communal nature of the subject it seems important to share the concept more widely. I would like to invite everyone to join in – whether you want to join us in church on Tuesday evenings or keep to the warmth and comfort of home either alone or with one or two others. Set aside an amount of time you are comfortable with, be it five minutes or an hour, read the passage through to get the overall context then take a few words, a short enough phrase to remember easily without having to refer to the printed page, and let them become the background to your stillness with God. I know from experience how transformative taking God’s word to heart can be on an individual level; let us enter 2014 sharing this experience in love.                  


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