Prayers for October

David Cramphorn compiles a list of suggested prayer topics for each day of the month. Take a look and if something inspires you, you feel an empathy with a subject then why not put a few words together to help others join in your prayer?

You don’t need to worry too much about the exact wording – we have editors who can sort that out. We are looking for inspiration, a true desire to pray, ideas that will help others to pray.

Click here to submit your prayer ideas to the website.

1. HMP Feltham Young offenders Prison.
2. Women and Children Refugees
3.Female sports Chaplains.
4. Our Church Choir.
5. Glebe Close.
6. The Bible Society.
7. MAF in Kenya.
8. Our Church outreach to young families
9. Women Muslim Leaders  (Imam).
10. Female Commercial and Military Pilots.
11. Good2Go. Children's Sunday morning activities at HTB.
12. Elizabeth Fry. Prison Reformer
13. Edith Cavell, Nurse and Health care reformer. Executed 1915.
14. MAF in Nepal.
15. HMP Ford West Sussex.
16. Muslims who speak out against violence.
17. MAF 70 Ruth Whitaker CEO MAF.
18. MAF 70 world wide day of Prayer for the Work of MAF.
19. Globe Court.
20. Women in Politics.
21. MAF in South Sudan.
22.  HMP Forest Bank. Young Offenders Prison.
23. All who are persecuted and marginalised for their faith.
24. The Mothers Union safe houses for victims of Domestic Violence.
25. Holy Trinity Bengeo.
26. Gosselin Road.
27. All who are working to prevent modern day slavery and people 
28. MAF in Madagascan.
29. HMP Foston Hall Young Offenders Prison. Derbyshire.
30. Women and Girls who are denied an Education.
31. Female leaders and preachers in the Anglican Church.


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