Prayer topics for September

David Cramphorn compiles a list of suggested prayer topics for each day of the month. Take a look and if something inspires you, you feel an empathy with a subject then why not put a few words together to help others join in your prayer?

You don’t need to worry too much about the exact wording – we have editors who can sort that out. We are looking for inspiration, a true desire to pray, ideas that will help others to pray.

Click here to submit your prayer ideas to the website.


1. Mudlarks Charity Hertford.
2. The Anglican Church in New Zealand.
3. HMP Everthorp. East Yorkshire
4. persecuted Christians in Korea
5. Christians in Sport
6. Our Junior Church.
7. Garden Terrace. Crouchfields.
8. RLNI Chaplains.
9. The Anglican Church in Auckland NZ.#
10. All who have started new schools.
11. Persecuted Churches in Somalia.
12. Beds and Herts Bike and Hike. For our open churches and helpers.
13. St Leonard s Church.
14. The Cross.
15. All who have started new College coursed or apprenticeships.
16. The Anglican Church in Wellington NZ
17. Exeter Young offenders prison.
18. Christians fleeing from Iraq.
19. Our Neighbours.
20. Our Harvest Festival.
21. George Street.
22. All who have started University and have moved away from home.
23. The Christian Church in Jerusalem.
24. HMP Fetherstone. Wolverhampton.
25. All who use the Food bank Hertford.
26. The Church Army.
27. Our Harvest Lunch.
28. Glebe Road.
29. St Michaels Migrants Church. Calais.
30 The Church Army in New Zealand.

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