Is anybody there?

door knocker DSCN4549

So what do we do
When it feels like God’s not there?
We call
And we knock
But the door does not open.
We hear no welcome voice.

Consider the options
Bang louder and harder
Sadly turn away
Shrug and assume God’s busy right now
Drop a note through the door…

Sit down and wait
Make a phonecall, an email
Get angry and shout

What do you do
When you can’t find God?

Do you think He’s really not there?

I know He is
I’ve yelled in an empty church
Don’t play hide and seek with me.

It doesn’t feel reverent
And some might be shocked
But I cannot live
Without my God.

He wasn’t hiding in the rafters
But in a deep dark crevice
Of my own heart.


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