Forgetful Heart

We now have a team of people writing daily prayers on our new Parish website so I’m changing the type of post here.
As the first of my new style posts I’d like to share Lucy’s short video where she discusses the problems of simply getting down to spending time with God that I think most of us will find familiar.
I’ve never physically met Lucy but I’ve been following her blog for long enough to feel I know her as a friend; she has a lot to say that I can relate to and empathise with.


snowdrop DSCN4474a

The first lone snowdrop
A pioneer
Usually they grow in clumps
Clusters, groups
Just as you place us, Lord
In groups, communities
To form your body here on earth.
It can be lonely
To be one
Ahead of the crowd.
Once used to solitude
It can be difficult
To fit back in.
Help us each, Lord, to connect to our neighbours
In the way that you desire
To form your perfect body
According to your will.


One foot in front of the other
Each step taking me further from where I have been
But where am I going?
Should I turn left?
Or should I turn right?
A few steps one way
Then change my mind.
Lord, guide my footsteps
Let each step along the way
Be an opportunity to know you better
An opportunity to help someone else
And let my final resting place
Be exactly where you want me.


Caterpillars; they spend all their life busy eating. Finding food, eating it, digesting it; a life’s work. Then retreat into their cocoon. A hidden, secret life.
We devour ideas like hungry caterpillars. Worry and fret. Constantly seeking more to fuel our over busy minds.
But we’ll never worry and fret ourselves into becoming a beautiful butterfly.
We need to stop, retreat. Lord, help us to let go, to rest in Thee, and accept the changes that we can prepare for but cannot bring about.