Incarnation. The inaccessible made touchable.
Great God of heaven, a tiny baby.
Vulnerable. needing human care.
Lord, you entrusted yourself to us, the human race, with all our capacity to inflict hurt. So great is your love for us. Help us to love and to trust; to put aside our fear of hurt, for love has overcome.

The moon

The moon – full and bright hanging over the rooftops
A clear but lonely looking light
Reflection of the sun
But lacking its welcome warmth
Lord, you call us to shine your love to the world
Let us shine with a warm glow
Not a surface reflection of cold light
But from hearts warmed with your love.

Nelson Mandela

I read the words of Sister Stan
Talking of Nelson Mandela
His years of waiting in the darkness
Of imprisonment
During that time becoming a shining light
How apt
In Advent
The light in the darkness
The waiting
The week that all the world remembers him
Yet they are not new words
They have been on that page
In that book for years
Most days
I read something from that book
Yet never before
Have I seen that page
Lord, I wonder in awe at your timing
In this
In many things in life
You take world history
And of it weave our individual lives