Looking around
I see a world
of many, many things
Stones and cans and walls and junk
Trees and plants and flowers
Birds that fly
And fish that swim
And things that walk the earth
Then I think
But what am I?
This thing we call
A human?
red maple leaf DSCN4449
Lord, I’m made of the same stuff as all these things
Yet fashioned in your image.
A juxtapostion too hard to comprehend.
Help me to live worthily
Of all I’m called
To be.


Someone needs a hug
Not my Mum or Dad
Or child
My own are often far away
I cannot always reach
Can only trust
That someone will be there for them
As I reach out to those around
That you, Lord, send for me to love
For all of us are one in you
It’s your same love we share.

Letting go

Dad and Robin 1

As parents, we have to stand watchfully aside
Whilst toddlers take their first faltering steps unaided.
Metaphorically we repeat this with each step towards mature adulthood.
At work, young employees we helped train get promoted above us.
In life we are given people to hold in our heart
For a while.
Lord, grant us grace to let go
When it is time for them to step out
Where we cannot accompany.