Passion flower DSCN4427

So many things are truly amazing. Your attention to detail throughout creation.
Your love. Your grace.
So much you freely give us.
Teach us again to wonder in sheer amazement at the grace you show to us.


Autumn mists

Misty mornings when the sun is hidden
Joy as it breaks through
Sometimes, Lord, it feeels as though your smiling face is hidden, too.
Help me to remember you are always there
The things of life that obscure
are no more than clouds and mist.


Lord, we like our friendships to be bright and shiny new
Not marred by hurt
Patched up with cracks we know are there
Even when the mend holds strong
But your love talks of reconciliation
Acceptance of how things really are
Not daydreams of a false perfection
A love that trusts again and again
After numerous betrayals.
Lord, teach us your love.